Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We're Still Here, What a Fantastic Ride the Last 9 Months Have Been

I'm so sorry everyone, it's probably ridiculous for me to even post after so long, but I know some of you still come around and check on us, so I had to give a quick update. I quess I'm really not much of a blogger, but I do still keep up with all of yours. My how things have changed in a year. All your babies are just precious. Anyway, it's been crazy busy, but oh so fun. Nicole has grown and changed so much. She is one of the happiest little girls I've ever seen. She smiles with her whole face with pure joy and excitement. She is so loving, she gives hugs all the time. When the boys come home from school and Eddie comes home from work the first thing she does is run to them and give them a big hug. She's also started to say, "I love you too" after we say I love you. It's so sweet. She has the cutest little voice. I thank God for her every day. She loves her big brothers, playing outside, and dancing. She's a little dancing queen, whenever she hears music, that boody starts shaking. She loves to listen to music in the car and the only thing she'll watch on TV are live concerts. She is so precious to watch, she makes us all laugh when she starts dancing. American Idol is going to be so fun to watch with her this year. Who would believe she was just crawling a year ago. She has made so many huge milestones in her 9 months home. When we arrived home with her, she was 16 months old and crawling. We started her in physical and occupational therapy right away. They evaluated her at 16 months old as being developmentally that of an 11 month old on their charts. By 18 months, she had jumped developmentally to that of a 16 month old and by 19 months she hit all the markers of a 19 month old and continues to be right on track. She's been running around ever since. (Keep in mind, she was very premature, so this is super exciting for us.) She is also so smart, she picks up on things so quickly. Can you tell I'm a proud Mama. She goes to mother's day out 2 times a week and the rest of the days it's mostly me and her. It's so fun. It seems like she's always been here. I can't imagine her not being our daughter. Here are a few pictures of how she's grown over the past few months and that big beautiful smile, and yes those beautiful curls are natural, man am I jealous. She has the best hair, she's just perfect in every way possible. The pics start with the the kids fall picture and ends with a few pictures of Nicole back in May, her announcement pics. It's kind of a journey back in time. I haven't even loaded my Christmas pics into the computer yet, so those might be a while, but hopefully I'll get them up before Easter.