Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Question

I was just wandering when I can post pics of our sweet baby. Can I post them as soon as the ten day wait is over and we pick her up in Russia or do I have to wait until we are home? Any answers would be great, of course I want to post them as soon as I can. Thanks guys.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Waiting

Oh, why do the days keep dragging? We waited six weeks in between our first trip and the court trip and they seemed to fly by. I guess because I was still running around like a crazy person doing paperwork most of that time. This time it's just waiting. At least we've had some great weather so the boys and I have been able to spend a lot of time outside. One week of waiting down, and one more week to go. I know it will be here soon, just not fast enough. I want her home with her family and the boys can't wait. Poor Tyler, he's been so confused as to why we keep going to Russia and keep coming home without his baby sister. It's just too much for a 5 year old to understand. Today I'm packing up our angel girl's stuff. I have it all layed out in her room. Clothes, shoes (I forgot how precious tiny shoes are), coat, hats, bows, blanket, diapers, bottles, formula, teething toys (oh my is that baby teething), bibs, backpack carrier, medical kit, sippy cup, snacks, and her famous phone. Good thing Eddie and I are light packers, I feel like I take the same thing every trip. We live in Houston, I don't have too many warm things to choose from. I'm amazed at how little I've really needed, and Eddie could probably go somewhere for 2 weeks with just a backpack. I just keep telling myself to keep busy and Sunday will be here before I know it, then I'm never leaving any of my babies again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We're Home from Trip 2 Court was a Success!!!

We arrived home yesterday from our court trip. It was a long trip, but the non-stop flights from Houston to Moscow made such a difference, it cut out at least one extra day of travel. We started our week in Moscow getting our medicals done. Then we flew to Kaliningrad and spent five days with our sweet baby. It was so wonderful to hold her again. She grew taller and got heavier. She's still not walking, but I think she's almost there. And as for her hair, it is definitely not longer, in fact they cut it right off. Her little bangs are so short, but she's still the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen.
I can't say enough about how wonderful her caregivers and baby home director were. Everyday we went to visit she was clean, smelled like a doll, and dressed as cute as can be. They hugged her and gave her kisses on the forehead many times. She looked at them with trust and security. She's definitely felt love as much as she can in a baby home. They made us feel so welcome. One day we spent our visit in the director's office and she offered us hot tea and cookies, she was so kind. A few times, during that visit, she would come over and run her fingers through her hair as she talked about her. I'm so thankful she's been in such loving care.
We loved every visit and every minute we got to spend with our little angel. On the first day, I don't think she remembered us because she cried again, but she warmed up quickly. Eddie had such a way of making her smile and laugh. She was fascinated with him and his facial prickleys the day he didn't shave. With each day she became more and more comfortable. By day three, there were no more tears. When they brought her in the very last day, she gave us the sweetest smile when she saw is. It was a happy smile, but at the same time it looked like a smile of relief, like she was saying in her little mind, "oh yeah, it's you, you're here again, you came back." It melted my heart and is an image I will never forget, a sweet innocent smile of hope. I just pray she really has no concept of time and isn't sad that we're not there now. When we were leaving that last day Eddie said, "This is the last time we'll ever have to leave this place without her." She was also fascinated with the dresses they put her in. I think this is the first time she has ever been in dresses, she kept lifting up the hems and looking at them, it was so cute. One of her caregivers told us she knew she liked us because each day they dressed her she would smile, it's like she knew we were coming because they were dressing her up. The baby home director said that our visits were having a positive affect on her. She said she was smiling and lauging more than they had ever seen. I even think she gained weight during the five days we were there.
Monday we went to court. Eddie got most of the questions, then the social worker spoke and the baby home director. Then I got a few questions and then the judge went out to make her ruling. At 12:30pm the judge came in and granted us our application to adopt our sweet baby girl and officially named us her parens. I thought for sure I would cry, but I didn't. I was so overjoyed and thrilled, but no tears. Eddie welled up a bit, he's become a big marshmellow for this little one, I love it! And then it was hugs all around. After court we took our translator, driver and coordinator for a celebration lunch. Almost 2 years after starting this journey we finally have our baby girl, our miracle baby, in so many ways. After all this, I totally forgot to take a picture of us in front of the court building after the hearing. I'm kicking myself.
Yesterday we flew home to wait out the ten day wait. We'll head back a week from Sunday to pick her up. I'm pretty ready, but I know these next few days will fly by with last minute to do's. I wish I could post pictures and as soon as we're home for good I will.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leaving for Court Trip Tomorrow

AHHHHHH! I can't believe it's finally here. We are heading to Russia tomorrow and will get to see our little angel again in just 4 days. I can't wait to hold my baby girl again. I wander if she's grown, I wander if she's started walking, I wander if her hair is longer. I hope she remembers us. Finally, finally, finally, she is almost ours forever. We leave tomorrow at 5:45 and have a direct flight to Moscow. We'll be in Moscow for two days getting our medicals done, staying at the Courtyard Marriott, so comfy beds, yeah. Then we're off to Kaliningrad. We'll spend 5 days with our angel girl before court and then court is Monday March 22nd. I don't know how long that will take, but I pray everything goes smooth and easy. We head home the next day to wait out the ten day wait. I already have all of her clothes laid out ready to be packed for that trip. The boys are so excited. They talk about her like she is already here. They are going to be the best big brothers, I am so proud of them and the love they already have for her. I think it made it so real when we were able to come home and show them pictures. Thank you all for all your thoughts and prayers, they are felt and appreciated.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Olympics

I'm a little bumbed that the games are over. This year was so fun because the boys really enjoyed watching them with us. They were so cute cheering on our US team. Tyler decided if the US wasn't competing then we all needed to cheer for Russia "because that's where our baby sister is". He was so cute cheering "Go Russia Go Russia" all 2 weeks. We recorded the closing ceremonies last night so the boys could see a little bit about Russia. I can't wait for the next winter olympics in Sochi. Our doctor from St. Pete said her family lives in this part of Russia. It will be so fun to watch with the kids. I can't believe our little girl will be 5 at that time, so actually I can wait. I don't want the next four years to go by fast at all!!