Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For Waiting Parents Like Us

I wanted to share something I've been doing that a friend of mine who adopted from China 6 years ago did for her daughter. Of course I pray for the safety and health of our little one every day, but my friend shared with me that she would also pray that her daughter would see her new Mommy and Daddy in her dreams and when the day came for them to finally meet she wouldn't be scared because she would remember them from her dreams. So I added that to my prayer list, that our little girl would know us when we meet her and remember us from her dreams. I also shared this with a family friend who started this process of adopting a little girl around the same time we did. She is in Ethiopia now getting ready to bring home her 8 month old daughter. Her mother texted my Mom today and wrote, "I know our prayers for E to see her mothers face in her dreams were answered." What a blessing!! Just thought I would share, I'm so glad my friend shared it with me.