Sunday, September 27, 2009

Her Room Is Ready

Well, I probably jumped the gun a little, but I have her room completely finished. It came together so beautifully, a room fit for our princess and that's exactly what she will be. The boys helped me add the stripes and had so much fun doing it. I ordered the bedding a little at a time over the past few months and the last bit got here just as I finished putting up the ribbon border, perfect timing. I have had so much fun finally decorating a room with pink!!! I pulled all my dolls out of the boxes I've been saving all these years, knowing one day I would have a little girl to share them with. The last thing I have to add are the letters spelling out her name to go over her bed, but we don't know what that is yet so that will have to wait, hopefully not too much longer.
As much as I loved putting the room together and buying all the pink, it also reinforced the real reason we are doing this. I have wanted a girl for so long and buying all the pink has been so much fun, but it's soooo much bigger than that. I'm so thankful God blessed me with boys. If He had given me a girl, we might not be taking this journey we're taking now. Giving a little girl a home that might not otherwise have one, giving her a mommy and daddy to love her everyday of her life, to laugh with her and cry with her and support her and lift her up. That is what it is all about, that's it. I knew all this before I had her room ready, but seeing it done, I thought to myself, "yeah, it's nice, it's pretty, but it means absolutely nothing until she's in it, filling it with love and laughter." I can't wait for the first night we get to tuck her in, in her own room and her own bed. A place she can feel safe and secure and know it means she's a part of a family, a family that loves her and will support her and will always be here for her.
( I know in the picture I have a bed set up, but we also have a crib in there as well, not sure what she will need, 15-36 months is such a wide range, but we'll have both and will be ready for whatever it may be)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

While Tyler was at school, I spent most of the day on the phone making preparations. I spoke with the International Adoption Center at TX Children's Hospital and made arrangements with them to go over and review the information we receive on our referral (when we get one, hopefully soon). I also spoke with our Homestudy agency about the paperwork I need from them for the court package. They really have been wonderful, I can't say enough about how supportive and helpful our social worker has been. They play such an enormous role in this whole process and are just as excited as we are to see things moving. Eddie traveled with his boss today and was able to share with him the paperwork we need verifying Eddie's job and salary. We should hopefully have everything for the court package by next week and I will be able to get it off to Austin to be apostilled (certified by the state). I know things have started to really move in Russia this fall with referrals and I'm just hoping we're one of those families. I just feel like we're close, I have a nervous, excited feeling. I think the whole family is ready for her to be home. Even little Tyler stopped me before I left his room after tucking him in the other night and said with such desperation, "Mommy, wheeeeen is our baby sister going to get here, it's taking forever." If you know Tyler, you can probably read it exactly how he said it. We're all ready sweet boy, hopefully very very soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Much Needed Update

Sorry everyone, I know it's been a while. No worries we're still on track, moving right along. We just had a crazy busy summer. We were gone most of the month of July traveling through TX and OK visiting family and friends. August was filled with days at the beach and the pool, trying to stay as cool as possible in this TX heat. The boys and I were just so busy I haven't had a chance to post. Hopefully now I can get back on track. Austin is back at school, he started 1st grade, and Tyler is going to PreK 2 days a week. He could have done the 4 day program, but Mommy just wasn't ready. I want to get as much TyTy time as I can. This precious time will be over before I know it, kindergarten will be here soon enough. Anyway, that's the reason for being away so long.
On adoption news we're still waiting for a referral. We have heard some hopeful news and we just keep praying that we'll know who our little one is soon. I just started working on getting our court documents together. In Kaliningrad families take their 2nd dossier (court package) with them on their first trip and get a court date before they leave, so I want to be prepared when we get that call. Other than that just waiting and praying. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, I promise to keep up better in the future.