Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Visas and Packing Check

I picked up our Visas today from the Russian consulate in Houston. Yeah!!!! I was a little worried until I had them in my hands, we leave in just 3 days. It was getting a little too close for my comfort, but now I can check that worry off the list. I also just finished printing out a list for the grandparents of the boys schedules and pretty much every little detail that could arise while we are gone. I didn't really realize how much we do in a day until I wrote it all out. And biggest of all, I think I'm pretty much packed. I have a backpack of little things to take to the orphanage, snacks, board books, stacking cups, small hand puppets, bubbles, and a doll, lovey and photobook to leave with her while we are gone. I also somehow managed, I can't believe it, to get all my stuff to fit in one carry on. Eddie told me there was no way, but when he came home from work yesterday I had it all done. Rolling the clothes instead of folding them makes all the difference. I'm so thankful we don't have to check anything, it'll make things just that much easier. I think I'm actually beginning to see my list shrink instead of getting longer by the minute. Gotta go now, I've got to fill out TyTy's kinder registration paperwork before I leave. One more thing I can check off the list.

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  1. So exciting!!! When we saw our little girl for the first time, I pulled out the stacking cups, books, etc. She couldn't care less about us, just the toys. Our IA doctor's therapist told us for us to be her toys for a while. She said to force her to pay attention to the people buying her dinner and a movie. :) It was great to see what she was able to do, but we would like her to make a connection with us! Just some unsolicited advice :) Good luck and I can't wait to follow along!