Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One More Day

Now I can say we're counting down the hours, not days until we are home. We spent the day at the Kremlin and Red Square again. We were there almost all day and she did so great. Even though the stroller and pack-n-play were bulky and a pain, they were so worth it. The stroller has been a life saver and allowed us to really get out and about. We've also had the most amazing weather, sunshine everyday. Eddie hasn't worn a coat the whole time we've been here. It's been great for sight seeing. We hadn't done hardly any souvenir shopping so today was our last chance. We got some really cool hats for the boys. We also found her an authentic Russian dress, a spoon to start her collection, a Faberge Egg jewelry box, and a Nesting Doll, of course. While in Kaliningrad we got her a pretty little dragonfly necklace with four amber stones in it, the four different colors of amber. Kaliningrad produces 90% of the worlds amber because it is right on the Baltic Sea, there is amber everywhere. I bought myself a green amber stone ring and pendant to always remember the special place where she was born. Tonight we'll stay in the hotel for dinner and call it an early night. The packing is almost done and we are ready to be on that plane. 17 hours till boarding!


  1. Your daughter is just beautiful! I'm so glad to see your blog is back up. When I saw it was private I was regretting not leaving a comment sooner. I can imagine how hard it has been to be there in Moscow with all that has gone on this last week. Whew, you'll be so glad to be back in Houston tomorrow!! I remember going through Russian passport control in Moscow with our son and feeling like the agents were giving us some pretty hard looks! Hope your flight goes well.

  2. I have an amber cross from Kaliningrad!! :) Smiling so much reading about your trip! Praying you are all well & ready for Nicole's first American Christmas! :)