Friday, May 1, 2009


Austin came down stairs the other day, out of the blue, and said, "Mom I think we should name our little sister Samantha." I had never thought of Samantha before, but actually really like it. Tyler heard this and said, "No Mom, I think we should name her Natasha." Also a name I never thought of but really like, for a couple of reasons. Natasha is a common Russian name and it's also our agency director's name, she is from Moscow. Tyler, being 4 had no idea about either one of these things, so it's really something to think about. I always just thought we'd name her Nicole, after my middle name, since Austin shares a name with his Dad and Papa, and Tyler shares a name with his Gramps, I wanted her to share a family name as well. This is definitely something we'll have to think about and consider. I never thought we'd have such wonderful suggestions from the boys, especially without ever bringing it up to them. Who knows, we might not change her name at all, we haven't decided what to do yet , but I thought it was so sweet of the boys to bring it up. Boy are they ready to have a little sister.

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