Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I sent off more paperwork yesterday, our first document expired. I sent it up to a family from West Virginin traveling next Tuesday to Russia. They will hand carry it over for us. We will most likely be doing the same thing for a family when we go. The people at the Pearland Postal Plus are becoming very familiar faces. I've seen so much of them over the past year. This time when I went in, I told them I'd been in so much and would continue to be due to a Russian adoption. They were so pleased and happy for us. Even the people at the postal plus play a special role in this process. They had a big world map hanging on the wall and I showed them exactly where she was waiting for us. It was neat to see her tiny little region on this huge map, it looks so small. I need to take a picture of that place for her book.

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