Friday, October 23, 2009

Court Package is Complete

Wednesday Eddie and I got our last document notarized and now our court package is complete, minus the medical and FBI check which we have to do after our first trip. We have everything we need in order to register with the court on our first trip. We've had to start using the notary at UPS and paying for it now because our bank has three notaries but they all expire within the next couple of months, very helpful. Unfortunately, I realized this after we had waited in line for about an hour to notarize about 10 different documents. I got to my car just to check them over one last time and realized her notary expires in 2 weeks. They'd be expired before I even got them back from Austin much less to Russia. Anyway, it's finally done now. Yesterday I took it to the Pearland Postal Plus and it's now on it's way to Austin to be apostilled, what a relieving feeling that is.


  1. Wow - you are organized and ready! All you need is that *hopefully very very soon* phone call!

  2. Kristyn, if you ever need something notarized I'd be happy to help, I have my licence.