Thursday, June 18, 2009

Am I Ready for the Cold???

The other day, I was reading from a Russian adoption chat board and the title was "How Cold is Cold". My eye went right to it because that is something I've been a little worried about. Odds are we'll be traveling in winter and it can get -30 below in Moscow. I'M GOING TO FREEZE!!! I use to tease Eddie that I could never live any further north than Dallas because of the cold and in the past few years I even changed that to I'd never want to live north of I-10. It was around 95 degrees today and I wasn't even hot. Of all things for me to worry about, I can't believe this is on my list of worries. Of course her health and well being are at the top of my prayer list and then there are so many others, but this is definitely going on the list. I just need to pray God prepares me for the cold and her for our heat. Maybe all my friends from up north can help me with this one. I think Eddie will be fine, he's been to NY for business so many years in the dead of winter. I choose to go with him when the business trips are scheduled in Florida. This will be a hard acclimation for me just like the heat in Houston I'm sure will be for her. I need to start preparing my list of clothes now I'm afraid. This is definitely not something I want to try to figure out in a hurry. So to answer my own question "Am I ready for the cold? No, but I will be, NOTHING especially cold weather, could stop me from going to get our little girl!!"

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